Questions About Education for 2014 & Beyond

Does Our Current Education System Promote Student Engagement Beyond Pen and Paper Tests?

Too much of our education system is structured for the intellectually, sedentary student whose application of knowledge is assessed through pen and paper tests. Students also need to interact with subject matter in a way that promotes creativity and greater appreciation for the content.

Does Innovation Occur in the Current Teaching and Learning Environment?

Our education system is progressing in a way that promotes uniformity both within departments in individual schools and among schools as well. The effect of such oneness is a generic product of teachers whose individuality within the classroom is discouraged and whose attempts to foster genuine interest in subject matter beyond the scope of the syllabus conflict with the need to complete the syllabus itself.

Because our measure of productivity is students' collective performance on standardized tests or regional examinations, most tend to focus on test and exam scores and overlook the end which the acquisition of knowledge is intended to create. The learned innovate, but with classrooms that are not structured to promote such innovation, then youth will be disadvantaged.

The Goal
To arouse students' interest in Mathematics and Physics.
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Historical Mathematicians

I am pleased to announce the website's latest segment, Historical Mathematicians. Each term, we will explore the rich history of mathematics and present interesting facts about the origins of mathematical concepts. For our introductory presentation, we follow the observations of Eratosthenes and examine the implications of his observations for the geographical model of the world. I extend my gratitude to Mr. Williams for assisting with my research.


James Morris Online Custom Prezis for Form 5 Math Review

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Coming Attractions

Positive Response to UWITube!

Teachers from the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis commit to using technology through UWITube. Currently, teachers from secondary schools in Barbados are the only ones to upload videos on the site.

UWITube coordinator, Dr. Janak Sodha and I discussed the possible involvement of teachers in the Federation in creating additional instructional videos for the site. A positive response from the the teachers at the 2013 annual teacher workshop marks the initial step for the expansion of UWITube.  I am elated that St.Kitts and Nevis will be among the first in the region to support this meaningful venture. ×

In December, Dr. Sodha will travel to St.Kitts to meet with the participants.  Additional details will be provided as they become available.

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