Who I Am

Meet James "Jamie" Morris

I love the energy that characterizes working on new projects. There's a thrill that defines creating something that reflects one's unique ideas and interpretation of the world. The creative space gives me the opportunity to tackle various problems either by adding unique solutions to the mix that already exists or executing well-documented solutions uniquely. No two people are exactly alike; I see no reason why our approaches to problems should be either.

What I Do

List of Professional Duties & Hobbies

  • Mathematics Coordinator (Ag.) at the Curriculum Development Unit in the Ministry of Education
  • Adjunct Math Lecturer in the Faculty of Adult & Continuing Education and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College
  • Creator and Host of Youth Culture on WINN FM 98.9, Thursdays at 7 p.m.
  • Anchor for the WINN TV News & the WINN Weekender
  • Volunteer in the Media Department at the Calvary Baptist Tabernacle
  • Private tutor of Mathematics

What People Are Saying

About Youth Culture

  • "Having tuned into the show, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the topics, interviews and overall content."

    Kevin Edwards, Marketing Manager of LIME
  • "Just want to publicly endorse this show. Really good interviews. One of my favorite shows on WINN."

    Andre Huie, Broadcast Journalist at WINN FM