1. Welcome

    "Learn more about me, what I do and what that could mean for you."

    Jamie Morris

  2. Washington Archibald High School Student News

    The term's end is approaching. Be sure to review all notes in preparation for tests. Good luck!

  3. Youth Culture Highlights

    Tune in to Youth Culture, Thursdays at 7 pm on WINN FM 98.9 when interesting guests chat with me in the studio. Listen live on www.winnfm.com.

    Opposite are photographs of two former guests, Azard Gumbs and Kimi-Lee Knight.

  4. Make the Investment

    Commit yourself to success and success will commit to you. There should be no alternative.

  5. C.F.B.C. A.C.E. Student News

    Homework assignments on Consumer Arithmetic have been issued. Keep up the good work!

  6. My Photos, My Thoughts

    These are some photos I took while hiking in Barbados.

About Jamie

The Artist

I am a singer/songwriter who appreciates all genres of music. You can find me performing alone or in groups at local concerts and weddings.

The Teacher

I teach Mathematics and Information Technology at the Washington Archibald High School. I am an adjunct lecturer at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. I am also an external assessor of trainee teachers enrolled in the Faculty of Teacher Education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

The Radio Personality

On July 3, 2014, I began work at WINN FM 98.9 as the host of Youth Culture. The show seeks to highlight positive aspects of youth development while evaluating systems designed for the benefit of youth. Listen live, Thursdays at 7 p.m. on WINN FM 98.9 and www.winnfm.com or listen to encore presentations Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

Youth Culture Chronicles

WINN FM 98.9

I am pleased to announce that after 12 years, I have returned to the WINN FM family; this time, as the host of Youth Culture. Youth Culture was inspired from a conversation with WINN FM's Senior Broadcast Journalist, Toni Frederick-Armstrong, in February, 2014. Fast foward a few months through meetings with General Manager, Clive Bacchus and Chief Operations Officer, Lorraine Wilkin, and here I am, delighted to share with you the positive actions of youth across the nation.

It's All Academic

All in a Day's Work

When I am not on air, you can find me in the classroom infusing creative thinking with everyday lessons. My students are among the most creative minds there are. As such, they make my work easy. They enjoy working with technology and I enjoy giving them reason to do so. When you get to work with so many creative minds everyday, it's pure magic! See for yourself by clicking the button below!